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Fisher Medical Centre

Millfields, Coach Street, Skipton BD23 1EU
Tel: (01756) 799 622



Fisher Medical Centre is a training practice involved in training future GPs (Registrars). All registrars are fully qualified doctors and make a great contribution to our team. We can have up to three registrars working with us and may occasionally ask patients' permission to videotape a consultation with the doctor. The tapes are only used to help with their training and patients always have the right to refuse.


As a training practice we are attached to the Airedale VTS (Vocational Training Scheme). GP registrars are usually attached to us for 6 to 12 months, beginning in February and August each year. The FMC regards itself very much as a training practice - so most of the partners and many of the staff get involved. This means our registrars benefit from a broad range of support and advice during their time with us. Four of our registrars have become partners over the last 20 years or so.


The GP trainers at the FMC are:

  • Dr Shane Beggan
  • Dr James Thomas
  • Dr Barnaby Jones




We also have regular 4th and 5th year medical students from Manchester University. Students are attached for around four weeks.


They are near the end of their training and are fully supervised. They sit in with doctors and nurses. Patients will always be informed if a student is present in a surgery and are free to decide if they would rather they were not in their consultation.

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