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Fisher Medical Centre

Millfields, Coach Street, Skipton BD23 1EU
Tel: (01756) 799 622

Self Care Fact Sheets
What are the Fact Sheets for?
The Self Care Forum Fact Sheets for common ailments aim to help clinicians and patients discuss issues around self care within the practice consultation and especially how to handle the symptoms in the future. They provide patients with information around:
  • Useful facts
  • What patients can expect to happen (the natural history)
  • What people can do to help themselves – now and in the future
  • When to seek medical help (the ‘red flags’)
  • Where to find out more

Urine Infections in Men


Acute Sinusitus (Adults)


Common Cold


Sore Throat




Sprains & Strains


Coughs (Adults)


Heartburn & Indigestion




Fever in Children






Blood in your urine patient leaflet

Dental Problems? 


Treating Your Infection


Living healthily in midlife can double your chances of being healthy at 70 and beyond



Asthma Self Care Pack



COPD Self Care Pack



Dementia Self Care Pack



Gastroenteritis advice leaflet for parent and carers



Heart Failure Self Care Pack



NHS Choices Self Care Information





Pharmacy First Scheme


Don’t wait for a doctor’s appointment, go straight to your pharmacy.

Pharmacies in Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven offer a service called Pharmacy First that gives you more choice and easier access when you need health advice and treatment.

Your local pharmacy can give you advice and, if needed, medicines for common illnesses, so you don’t have to make an appointment with your GP.

Your pharmacist is a qualified health care professional who can help with your health problems.  The pharmacist may offer you a private space to talk to you about your symptoms.

If you don’t normally pay for your prescriptions, then any medicines prescribed by your pharmacist will be free.

If you do pay for your prescriptions, then the cost of the medicines should be less that the prescription charge and you get advice from your pharmacist.

Just ask your pharmacist about Pharmacy First.


Pharmacies on the Pharmacy First Scheme


Interveiw with a Pharmacist


Pharmacy First Flyer






The NHS Life Check is a free, easy to use online questionnaire for people over the age of 18. It is designed to help people improve their health and covers topics such as weight, smoking, stress and anxiety.

How does the website work?

NHS LifeCheck has four simple steps:

  • answer simple questions about you and your lifestyle;
  • get results and advice based upon your answers;
  • plan some small changes and set yourself goals;
  • track your progress and sign up for free texts, emails or  letters to support you.

What will NHS LifeCheck ask me about?

Topics will include: healthy eating, emotional wellbeing, alcohol, smoking and physical activity.

Where can I find NHS LifeCheck?

You can find it online at www.nhs.uk/lifecheck. If you don't have a computer at home or work, you could use one at the library, community centre or a UK online centre.

Will anyone else be able to see my results?

No. All your answers are completely private. If you have an email address you can save your personal NHS LifeCheck on the website and come back to it whenever you want. If you do want to talk to someone about your results, you can print them out and show them to someone you trust or a healthcare professional.

How can NHS LifeCheck Help Me?

It can help you in many different ways. Whether you want to lose weight, feel less stressed, cut down on your drinking or be more active, NHS LifeCheck can help you to get started. It will provide you with all the information you need and point you in the right direction for further support. It will help you make some small changes now that can make a big difference to your future health.



Some Useful Websites:

Map of Medicine Health Guides (NHS Choices) http://healthguides.mapofmedicine.com/choices/map/index.html

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